Forex Moving Average Strategy

Can you imagine what happens in one moving day for an ‘average’ American family? Let’s find out. Assuming most of the things that need to be pre-packed has been packed; everybody wakes up early and manages a breakfast before emptying out the rest of the items in the refrigerator. The living room is filled with boxes labeled properly to avoid much confusion when unpacking. A few packed boxes are lying around in other areas of the house – these were too heavy to be moved to the living room by members of the family.


It was a rented property, the mother charges the kids to return to the rooms and make sure they are not forgetting anything. She is going to do some spot checks in the rooms in a little while. The father is busy with the tools. He needs to remove some nails in the walls, fill up some holes, clean some walls, basically attempting to restore the house to a move-in condition. Soon the moving company arrives. Luckily, they could afford man power too so dad shows them the items to be moved and coordinates the movements. The younger kids cannot get in the way to avoid getting injured in the pandemonium that ensues; they play in the garden or are over at the neighbours. The older ones assist mom in whatever ways they can.


Soon the bits of their lives are packed neatly in boxes labelled properly and lying in the rental truck, in an almost empty house, the mother runs through a checklist to make sure that she is not forgetting anything. Luckily, they are only moving a couple of blocks away so dad rides out with the moving company to the new location to direct them on how to offload the items. Mom and kids stay awhile back at the old place to pack the little things that were forgotten, put out the trash and clean.


One moving day for an ‘average’ American family can be easy or epic depending on the size of the family, the distance from the new location and most importantly, how much pre-moving plan was made.

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