The Forex Trading Office

Forex trading Office


Dreaming of your own Forex Office for Forex trading? Look no further that this informative website dedicated to traders of Foreign Exchange currency trading,commodities,oil and gold.

Forex retail trading has evolved to a sophisticated but readily accessible open platform for trading by anyone with a small or large capital to invest or to speculate (we don’t encourage gambling here) with potential for income growth and value acceleration of invested funds unlike other buy and hold investment strategies whose returns are now as bad as bank deposits and despite real estate  safety myths people are beginning to realize that the only way forward now is to join the banks and grab a share of the multi mega trillion door a day turnover market where anyone can learn and earn without quitting a day job till they become skilled traders,so skilled in fact that they gain financial independence.


Trading the Forex Mamet is for real money


Trading for real money on the Forex market  with real money means you need to take Forex Trading seriously and run your investment like a business with a Forex Trading Office at your home business so you can focus and treat trading as a professional pursuit similar to many other self employed people but with less hours and less stress.

What is ideal in a Forex Trading Office? Ideally 2 computers and large screens but for sure one PC dedicated to trading and keep your other personal stuff on a laptop or the family PC. Dedicated computers for Forex Trading are not special nor do they have any bit ticket components  and the best piece of equipment to have is a large 32″ display or 2 x 23″ flat screen LED monitors so you can see your charts and charting tools clearly and at a glance with Metatrader 4 platform you can tile all the open charts and see them in a quick and easy to select chart is immediately apparent for ease of Forex Analysis and study the market over time frames to suit your range of Forex Symbols and commodities or indices available from your Forex Broker.


Best Forex Trading Tools

The very best Forex Trading tool is your brain, when all is said and done YOU make the decision to enter or close out a trade unless you trade with automated Forex Trading Robots.

Trading is a serious business and worth you treating it as such by educating yourself and practice trading as much as placing real trades or work out your strategies on a demo account which is free with all Forex Brokers Metatrader 4 platforms and this is why I recommend 2 PC’s so you can divide time between learning and trading. Self education is an ongoing commitment you need to make to yourself as markets change with the vagaries of economic news, world events and political issues and of course the current war being waged somewhere in the world  on any given day.

You need timely information and analysis of the market and we provide twice  daily updates and complete analysis on every trading day so you can keep up with what is happening at any given time, we also provide  a Forex Ca lander so you can prepare for central banks  announcements so you can avoid  getting caught out by sudden whipsaw changes in price action that could cause you harm or you can anticipate an opportunity if you believe markets will move in a certain direction that you could take advantage of.

Home Forex Trading Office


Forex Trading from home means no commuting or having to rush out the door as you can do this Forex Trading thing at home now as all you need is a good internet connection and a half decent computer but have it in a room away from the home TV or other distractions and believe it or not many Forex Traders just have a laptop PC and trade in bed which is a great way to trade when the session you want to trade is past your bed time and I know a couple of people who trade the Forex Market on a smartphone and that is the only or main way they trade so you could even trade  sitting on the beach drinking your favorite cocktail by the pool at home.  Most traders I know have a home office, a Forex Trading Office because they are real traders who treat their investment and trading as a business and I recommend you do so too.

What to expect at Forex Trading Office

Lots of real articles on Forex Trading and relevant information you need and can learn from as well as resources and product reviews and recommendations since the owner of this site is a professional trader and a prolific publisher on the Forex topic as a passionate trader who not only walks the walk he loves it too.

This website is for intending Forex Traders and seasoned traders alike and doesn’t talk down to newbies as we all began at the beginning of our trading journey and my favorite saying is “You never know what you don’t know” as we learn and grow, we keep trading journals and take the time to learn and read up on what is important to our trading style and risk appetite so no this is not Facebook or other social media click bait nor do we want your email address, no opt in’s here and no sales letters a million words of tease either, it is Forex Trading Office, it is a place for traders who are serious about Forex Trading so step into my Forex Trading Office and see what we have to offer.



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